7 Ways to Be Her Hero: The One Your Wife Has Been Waiting For

7 Ways to Be Her Hero: The One Your Wife Has Been Waiting For

A book that talks to guys in the way guys talk!

"This book should storm into your living room, demand an audience, and become every husband's best friend!"
—Rick Warren, pastor and New York Times best-selling author of The Purpose Driven Life

"I love Doug Fields! I love how he lives, how he writes, how he makes me laugh, and how he challenges me to grow. You will too. Men, read this book and improve your marriage!"
—Lee Strobel, New York Times best-selling author

Having a pulse is all it really takes to fall in love. Staying in love is another matter; staying in love requires a plan and some learned skills. 

"My primary audience for this book is guys (sorry, sneaky ladies)," says author Doug Fields. "I am writing in a way that most men seem to talk and learn."

In 7 Ways to Be Her Hero Fields gives, quite candidly, seven very doable actions to transform any marital relationship, guaranteed. It also includes a bonus chapter for guys to read with their wives. So if you want to understand some simple ways to invest in your marriage and be your wife's hero (again), this is the plan!

Title:7 Ways to Be Her Hero: The One Your Wife Has Been Waiting For
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    7 Ways to Be Her Hero: The One Your Wife Has Been Waiting For Reviews

  • Ashraf Bashir

    The book is very good. The seven steps are practical and feasible. The author style is awesome too with a very high sense of humor which helps a lot to deliver serious messages. What I did not like, a...

  • Brian Manville

    Are you a married man? Do you think you suck at being a good husband? Well, the good news is that you have plenty of company! Doug Fields has a short book (148 pages) that is chocked full of practical...

  • Josh

    Good Basic Marriage BookThe author does a good job pitting this information on a shelf that all men can reach. Its basic information, but sometimes it's the basic stuff we forget. ...

  • Greg Webb

    Wasn't crazy about the way Fields 'dumbed' this down to try and appeal to "guys" (rather than men) with his forcefully awkward potty humor (not that I'm a prude, it just seemed misplaced) and ill atte...

  • Jennifer

    The best thing about this book is the title. Bought this one for my husband but of course I had to read it first. It was painfully wordy, and the "good stuff" could have easily been reduced to a pamph...

  • Robert Heckert

    Quick read with practical, tested advice on how to have a healthy marriage. For better or worse, it really cracked the whip on husbands, but it's about how guys can improve so perhaps that's fair. One...

  • Greg

    I listened to this on a road trip today and it was ok. Many of the points Fields makes are ones I've heard often, but they are good reminders none-the-less! I think the key is to make an effort to rea...

  • Christopher Harper

    I highly recommend this book for any man who’s looking to improve their marriage and really wants to be the best Christian husband he can be. If you’re newly married. Start with this book. If you...

  • Kevin

    Awesome book on how we, as men, can be our wives’ heroes. I highly recommend this book to all men who want to connect with their wives like Jesus connected to us. Chapter 9 on shepherding their hear...

  • Trae Castles

    Simple steps, practical advice, comical writing, and stuff that guys should just know....