Ea & el

Ea & el

S-au cunoscut prin intermediul unui site de întâlniri amoroase. Dar n-au devenit iubiţi, ci prieteni.
Şi aşa vor să rămână.

Ea e actriţă. El e scriitor.
Ea e Mia. El e Paul.
Ea e britanică. El e american.
Ea se ascunde în Montmartre. El locuieşte în Marais.
Ea are mult succes. El nu prea.
De fapt, ea e faimoasă – deşi el nu-şi dă seama.
Ea se simte singură. Şi el.
El e amuzant. Ea face gafă după gafă.
Ea nu trebuie să se îndrăgostească. Nici el.

Title:Ea & el
Edition Language:Romanian
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    Ea & el Reviews

  • Always Pouting

    Mia is a British actress who runs off to Paris to stay with her best friend after getting fed up of her husband's cheating. Their movie is due to come out soon, and since they're starring together Mia...

  • Obsidian

    I honestly don't feel like reliving what I already wrote in my update besides the fact that I don't know if I would have liked this more in the original French or what. The dialogue seemed off to me a...

  • Diana

    What a charming romantic comedy! I will admit it took me a bit to get into the writing style. (I often wonder how much is lost in translation??). However, it is a short book and I was engrossed before...

  • Rebecca

    This looked like a quick read, and turned out to be a very quick read when I decided not to finish it....

  • Lisa

    A delightful love story set in Paris, where everything is not quite what it seems. SUMMARYOn the big screen Mia plays a woman in love. But in real life, shes an famous British actress in need of a bre...

  • Nicole

    This book didn't do it for me. It was a Kindle First book, and I'm glad it was free. I didn't like the writing. Like, at all. Perhaps it's better in French? The point of view felt lazy, not omniscient...

  • Rachel

    Lovely ReadI loved this book. Clean, straightforward writing with an engaging voice. Loved, loved, loved the twist and the ending. There were moments i laughed out loud. This book was "marvelful." : )...

  • Mandy

    An unashamedly romantic novel from popular French writer Marc Levy. Ive read quite a few of his love stories and they are all without exception gentle, charming, light and heart-warming, with a very F...

  • Carla Palmeiro

    So, Goodreads tells me that Marc Levy is the most-read French author today and I wonder, really!? Contemporary French literature must be in a deep rut because this just won the price for the worst boo...

  • Sara

    Lovely and different Although I hated Daisy for a big chunk of this book but I really wanted to visit her bistro someday.It's a very charming story set in Paris with witty characters. The turn of the ...