Cruising in Montgomery and Berks Counties

Cruising in Montgomery and Berks Counties


Montgomery and Berks Counties have been central to the car industry for decades, employing residents of the cities and surrounding small towns. Pottstown first came to be known as the cruising capital of the East Coast in the 1950s and held on to the title for many years. In the 1960s, hundreds would line the sidewalks to watch the hot rods and classic cars cruise down High Street. Among the circuit favorites were the Tropical Treat, Hilltop Drive-In, and Dempsey Diner. Lansdale also attracted automobile enthusiasts who enjoyed "cruising the Dale." In 1962, the Maple Grove Raceway, a quarter-mile strip in Mohnton, opened and became home to the popular Super Chevy Weekend, hosting great drivers like Fred Spezio, Ken Hall, and John Johnson. The Grandview Speedway and the Reading Fairgrounds Speedway also emerged, attracting even more auto racing enthusiasts from around the area. Today, longtime residents enjoy reminiscing their beloved cruising pastime, with many belonging to historical automotive clubs.

Title:Cruising in Montgomery and Berks Counties
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  • Mps

    Many good images and interesting information, though formatting was a little weird in certain spots and a couple pictures were blurry or blown up too large for the quality with which they were taken....

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    I enjoyed some of the older pictures depicting people and cars that showed a specific time period. It was great to see how things used to be, you could really tell the time period in some of them from...