Summary - A Man Called Ove

Summary - A Man Called Ove


A Complete Summary of A Man Called Ove

A Man Called Ove is a biographical novel written by Fredrik Backman about a man named Ove and his life.
Ove was a simple man who tried to live the simplest life he possibly could. He worked in a factory for as long as he could remember and was satisfied with his life. But after several events happened, one of them being the death of his wife, Ove decided to end his life. He tried to commit suicide on several occasions, but every attempt ended unsuccessfully. However, everything changed after some foreigners decided to move into the house next to his.

It is the story about the life of a man who just could not fit in. His mindset and the way he lived was different from the lives of other people. His love for numbers and order to the point of obsession drove Ove to become a hermit. The novel is written in the style of a memoir, a reminiscing of the past life of a man who slowly embraced his fate as his life comes to its inevitable end. Filled with strong emotions of pain, loneliness, and the “good ol’ days,’’ A Man Called Ove is a drama that will leave no one indifferent. It is a novel in which the author wants to show to his readers that the life of a grumpy, old, and bitter man was once filled with colors other than just black and white.

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  • Bob

    beautiful story. like curious charms of arthur pepper, you root for this guy and you love his idiosyncrasies....

  • Julie Mills

    This was one of my favorite books of 2016. I immediately fell in love with Ove and his story. ...

  • Patty Berger

    I liked this book,however, thought the ending was drawn out and a bit contrived. What I liked the best was the diversity of characters and their defining the main character Ove....

  • Christine Galate

    I found this book charming, humorous and very touching. Yes, tears were streaming at the end. ...

  • Sheila Owen

    Loved it...