Last Night at the Telegraph Club

Last Night at the Telegraph Club

Acclaimed author of Ash, Malinda Lo, returns with her most personal and ambitious novel yet, a gripping story of love and duty set in San Francisco's Chinatown during the Red Scare.

“Do you hear me? Everyone knows you're a good Chinese girl. This is just a mistake."

For Lily Hu, "good Chinese girl" feels like a mask she's only recently discovered she's been wearing. Or worse, like a trap—one that finally sprung the night she walked through the door into the Telegraph Club with Kathleen Miller. She's known Kath since they were first in math together in junior high. Now they're the last two senior girls in advanced math, and Lily can't deny that what she feels with Kath is about much more than calculus.

For most people, the Telegraph Club is only another dingy lesbian nightclub just beyond the border of Chinatown, but for Lily and Kath it might as well be another planet.

Balancing her family's need to present an ideal American facade with her unmistakeable desire for Kath would never be easy, but with deportation suddenly looming over her her Chinese-born father—despite his hard-won citizenship—Lily's awakening to her true self seems doomed to be short-lived.

Title:Last Night at the Telegraph Club
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  • Elise (TheBookishActress)

    hi as a 2019 San Francisco lesbian I'm here for the 1950s San Francisco gays...

  • - ??  jess  ??-


  • Rec-It Rachel

    i feel like i waited forever for this book and honestly was completely worth the wait ...

  • Samm | Sassenach the Book Wizard

    ugh omg what is happening with this book?!...

  • joanne

    LITERALLY the most perfect book synopsis i have ever read ...

  • Gina Carra

    Every time I read a book about queer women, something in my soul heals a little more. It’s remarkable how Malinda Lo’s characters really make you feel seen, all the wonderful and horrible parts of...