Silver Moons, Black Steel

Silver Moons, Black Steel

Dion-Healer, also called Wolfwalker, dared to try to unlock the secrets of aliens. Her courage was rewarded with their fury, and she was nearly destroyed. Now, desperate to put distance between herself and the fate that awaits her, Dion rages against the wolves as much as she rages against the world.

But she cannot elude those who seek her: the Gray Ones, who grow restless with her absence; the brother searching the wilderness for his Wolfwalker twin; and the people of her homeland, who are relying on her to secure their future with her new knowledge. And there is one other: a distant warrior unable to resist the mysterious force that summons him to find a woman whose face he has never seen, whose name he has never heard.

As the forces of destiny converge on Dion, she must fight to keep her secrets safe--secrets that could change Wolfwalker, warrior, and their very world forever.

Title:Silver Moons, Black Steel
Edition Language:English
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    Silver Moons, Black Steel Reviews

  • Darryl

    This is the 6th book in the Wolfwaker series, and is a worthy addition to the series. I felt conflicted as I read the book, because the underlying thread of this series has been following Dion's adven...

  • Susan Tietjen

    Tara was always a great author, although this book had a slower beginning than some of her others. I always love the wolves and the deep, dark secret of the aliens and the alien world the people in th...

  • Cristina

    A second part, together with the previous novel it makes a great story. On its own, less. But I always enjoy hanging out with Dion and Hishn! I don't remember my first impressions of it, I wish I did!...

  • Jeffrey

    On its own merits this is not a bad book, but I think the author has strayed very far from the original premise of the stories and its a big mistake....

  • Ylrac

    This is a VERY good book. All of Tara K. Harper's books are very good....

  • Theresa

    human animal pairing, on a psychological connection between a young girl and her wolf in attempt to help her world... this is a great series. ...