Zero Regret

Zero Regret

Love happens when you least expect it. So does heartbreak.
I thought we were finally done with the lies.
Secrets? Sure, Lilly’s still holding on to plenty of those.
My perfect woman is secrets buried under beautiful layers of deception.
She’s the seductive siren bent on destroying my heart.
It doesn’t make me want her any less.
Just like before, she’s an addiction I can’t break.
I’ll never learn my lesson when it comes to her.
But I refuse to ever let her go.
One by one I’ll unlock all her secrets.
I love a challenge. And I’ve never followed the rules.
Now that she’s back in my life, she’s mine forever.
And anyone who hurts or threatens her better prepare to die.

Title:Zero Regret
Edition Language:English
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  • Val ?? Shameless Non-Snowflake ??

    3 StarsEdited to add: I originally rated this 2 stars; but, now that my irritation at the cliffhanger has passed, I am bumping it up to the 3 stars it deserves. I am a huge fan of AJL and have been fo...

  • ? Liz ?

    "Being strong helps us survive bad times. Being brave allows us to change our future." Zero Regret is the 13th book in the Lost Kings Series. Once again, Autumn Jones Lake has crafted a masterpiece...

  • NAT.orious reads ?

    4 hollering ★★★★✩ on a motorcycle This book is for you if…[text] and have the emotional stability to wait endless months for the next installment of Z + L's story. ⇝Preface. I can...

  • Autumn Lake

    Thank you for making ZERO REGRET my first USA Today Bestseller!! Amazon: Books:

  • Lana Reads

    Meh. It pains me to say, but this second part of the epic story between Zero and Lilly did nothing for me. As I'm way too curious, I will probably still skim the third book. The whole series now feels...

  • boogenhagen

    I just wasn't feelin' the love as much for this episode. To be honest, I am getting tired of the pages of mendacity leading up to a big explosion of action at the end and then a cliffhanger.I do NOT l...

  • Sondra Lynn

    I have never been a big reader, but last year a new years resolution changed that and Lost Kings series was my random choice to start on. To my pleasant surprise I was instantly hooked and am so in lo...

  • Malene

    Z and Lilly’s story continues with Zero Regret. Z has his work cut out for him with his new status in the club. Also protecting and taking care of his old lady Lilly and their son are his main prior...

  • Jessica Alcazar

    you guys .... I'm starting a little black book list of authors that CANNOT BE TRUSTED ... fucking hell I have feelings right now! Okay, so this happened ... at this point, I'm just gonna w...

  • Sophie Ruthven

    Just like the rest of books in this series Autumn doesn't hold back and that's one of the many things that makes this series so special. Zero Tolerance ended with most of clutching our heads praying f...