Faking Ms. Right

Faking Ms. Right

“When I kissed you last night, I wasn’t pretending.”

Everly Dalton is a walking, talking, martini-drinking dating disaster. Forget kissing frogs. She can’t even get past the first date. But at work, she’s a badass—the longest-running assistant billionaire Shepherd Calloway has ever had. Her coworkers wonder how she handles the big bad wolf—and never gets bit.

Shepherd Calloway isn’t interested in being anyone’s sugar daddy. Tired of women who only want him for his money, he swears off dating, determined to focus on running his empire. Until his gold-digging ex hits him where it hurts, putting him in a difficult position.

His solution—to have Everly pose as his live-in girlfriend—is obviously crazy. But the timing is uncanny. It just so happens Everly needs a favor from her boss—a big and awkward one—and this could ensure everyone gets what they want.

Besides, Everly can totally survive a few months of faux romance.

Except there’s a problem. Shepherd is supposed to be a single-minded, unemotional robot boss. Not an actual human with a heart and morning wood. Between the awkward bed-sharing and tingly fake dates, lines are blurring. And as Everly gets to know the real Shepherd, she discovers there’s more to the man behind the bank account.

And faking it gets all too real.

Faking Ms. Right is a hot, STAND-ALONE romantic comedy.

Title:Faking Ms. Right
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    Faking Ms. Right Reviews

  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]

    Faking Ms. Right is a stand alone fun romance by Claire Kingsley. Claire has done it again with this book. I couldn’t have loved it more. I’ve decided that no matter what Claire writes, I know in ...

  • Dilek VT

    I hate friends-to-lovers books because I hate to see them date numerous other people while secretly having a crush on each other so I try to avoid friends-to-lovers books. Why am I saying this? Well, ...

  • Kiki

    1. H had numerous girlfriend during h’s employment. She booked their parting gifts2. He claimed he fell in love with her at the beginning, yeah nah3. As far as grovel goes, this was worse than no gr...

  • Claire Kingsley

    Faking Ms. Right is now live! Everly Dalton’s cold-as-ice boss, Shepherd Calloway, needs a favor—a big one. Pose as his live-in girlfriend? She can totally handle it. Except there’s a problem. S...

  • Nas

    I skimmed my way through this book, the beginning ruined it for me. It got better but I just didn't enjoy it as much I wanted to.I was in the mood for this sort of trope, I wanted to love it but it di...

  • Andrea C. *andreandherbookss*

    Finalizing my rating to 4 stars.I am so happy to say that I really enjoyed this book! This is a book that I have had my eye on for a couple months now, and I am so glad I have finally read it!I loved ...

  • Stacey is Sassy

    A great start to the series...I'm a sucker for a millionaire/billionaire hero. If you add in that he's an aloof, arrogant and bossy hero, you've caught me hook, line and sinker. I really enjoyed readi...

  • Carol

    4.75 stars.Yeah!!!!This is back to the Claire Kingsley I truly love and adore.Such a sweet, funny, sexy and absolutely entertaining romance .Great characters, I loved the storyline and so fun to read....

  • Tracy  C

    I will admit to some apprehension when I started Faking Ms Right. I was really bothered about how Shepard got himself into the situation with Every. But have faith, readers! Claire Kingsley brings it ...

  • Jacob Proffitt

    The relationship parts of this were really quite outstanding. I really loved Everly and her unabashed kindness and refusal to bank her innate happiness. And I loved even more that she didn't let other...