Sweet Cheeks

Sweet Cheeks

I hate Valentine's Day.
I know that sounds cliché. What millions of single women say to get through the tough day with a little dignity, but they don't really hate it. They hate that they're single. They don't hate the actual day.
Well, I do.
I hate it, hate it, freaking wish it would die a slow painful death hate it.
I hate it the way turkeys hate Thanksgiving, the way Santa's elves hate Christmas, the way bartenders hate Saint Patrick's Day.
You see, my family owns a flower shop. So, Valentine's Day has always been hell.
But once I catch sight of Mr. London during a delivery, my hellish day turns to heaven.
Because billionaire CEO Joseph London is a man in a god's body.
He's out of this world.
And once we see each other, we're going to exchange more than just cards and roses.
We're going to give each other our hearts.

You won't need chocolate after reading this sweet and steamy book! You might need a cold shower though! 
SAFE, no cheating, and of course a sugary sweet Valentine's Day worthy HEA. Enjoy! 

Title:Sweet Cheeks
Edition Language:English
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    Sweet Cheeks Reviews

  • Jenny

    I love an older man younger woman story. Hero is 47 and heroine is 23. He is obsessed, over the top and he is super rich so he makes all her dreams come true. lol Super hot and steamy. Great 30 years ...

  • Darlene I read to many boooks

    Hailey hates valentines, not just because shes single oh no it's been ruin because she works at a flower shop and she never wanted to in the first place but she was a good daughter and knew her father...

  • Amyb1975

    She is it for me. She’s my everything.Wow! Just...wow!Intense, obsessed H who loses his sh!t when he sees the h. Completely OTT and perfect.-virgin h, no details on H past-dual POV-older man(47)/you...

  • One chapter more

    When they say over the top, it really was over the top. Too over. It's falling down. Quickly. Gravity.I felt like it was a script for a very bad porno movie, the only thing missing was the father join...

  • lily waheed

    Super Sonic lust , possessiveness and love , this man wastes no time 😁 loved it...

  • Sandy Nikolas

    Sweeps her off her feetJoseph falls hard and fast for Hailey as soon as he sees her. Hailey has a fantasy about being swept away by a rich,handsome man. Hailey gets her wish. Joseph goes all out to ge...

  • Jami

    Hailey will do anything for her family even if it means giving to her dreams to with at her family’s flower shop. It makes her hate Valentine’s Day and can’t wait for it to be over. Delivering f...

  • Melissa

    GoodThis was a hot Valentines Day read. Joseph is enamoured with Hailey the moment he sees her, too bad it’s as the elevator doors are closing. Tracking her down and making her his is his number one...

  • Ruth Hambley

    Loved itThis was a super cheesy hot hot hot romance. A quick read. I loved it and hope to read the rest of the series....

  • Angel

    Super cute read! Valentines Day will never be the same for these two. That’s was an insta love romance....