Sweet Tarte

Sweet Tarte

Dimitri Dolce Cossack is a huge jerk. The whole world knows it’s true.

Except, he’s not being a jerk to me. Not after I got jilted on a date which, at least to my mother, might have been the chance of a lifetime—for a girl like me to land the legendary financial white whale.

Not what happened. Instead, I end up in the private dining room of one of the most famous restaurateurs in the world. He’s a wall of black suit, with charm flaming in his blue eyes, and the whole thing has me spinning.

And what do I serve him?

My cherry.

Only to find out, I’m just a conquest for him.

This Valentine’s Day, my world is falling apart. There no time for love when everything you know and love is in pieces. But sometimes cupid is a determined little pest. Those arrows sure sting, but a little pain is sometimes just what we need.

Author’s Note: These foodies have a taste for each other from the first moment. It’s sweet, steamy and oh so over the top. Always safe, and with a happy ending that will leave you drooling.

Title:Sweet Tarte
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    Sweet Tarte Reviews

  • Jenny

    Liked this sweet and steamy story. Dimitri and Victoria are a hot couple. She comes from a poor family has a learning disability she struggles through life and her mother makes her date an older rich ...

  • Melissa

    GoodI enjoyed this story. Victoria is living with a disability that makes reading almost impossible for her. She is struggling through the culinary program at her local college because she can’t rea...

  • Darlene I read to many boooks

    3.5 ⭐Victoria is doing her mother a favor have dinner with some guy, hoping that her daughter can catch "big fish" Victoria doesnt wanna do this but since the guy owns their apartment she has no cho...

  • Sandy Nikolas

    Best Valentine’s Day Take the worst date ever and make it the best! That’s what happens with Dimitri and Victoria! I don’t want to spoil it, so I will leave it at! Completely safe and way steamy...

  • poppysocks

    Beautiful storyLoved this story a girl who finds it difficult to read and write is failing in her theory of her cooking college courses but excelling in her cooking school but still looks like she wil...

  • Maria

    Dimitri & VictoriaThis is the 5th book in the Sweet Enough to Eat Series. Each book is a standalone in the series.Victoria has a disability, she cannot read. She is a culinary student in the community...

  • Lauren

    First things first; I love the cover of this book!Sweet tarte is book five in the sweet enough to eat series. This story is short, fast paced and an enjoyable read. I read this book in one sitting and...

  • Mindy Chase-selder

    All of the Sweets!!!What a way so celebrate Valentine’s Day. I loved Dimitri and Victoria’s story. Dimitri was swoon worthy from the beginning. Swooping in to save Victoria from a heinous date tha...

  • Misty Schott

    Definitely sweet!!!Victoria and her family struggle to make ends meet and she is also at a disadvantage when it comes to school. But she won't let that slow her down, she loved to cook and she wants t...

  • Kristal Holt

    I'm hungry!I love to cook so when I saw this series was about food and love, I was beyond excited! I express my love for the people around me through the meals I make for them, so this concept hits ho...