Runner's World Complete Book of Running

Runner's World Complete Book of Running

Now revised, with full-color illustrations throughout-the classic, comprehensive guide to running, from the magazine that is recognized as the world's leading authority

The sport of running is ever-changing, be it the shoes we wear or the goals we set, the training methods we use or the role models we emulate. But there is one constant: for more than 30 years, Runner's World magazine has been recognized worldwide as the most reliable and authoritative source of running knowledge. And for the past 7 years, Runner's World Complete Book of Running has been the classic book of choice for runners looking to run better, longer, and faster.

Inside, all the secrets of running are laid bare. Need to know the best ways to start a running program? You'll find it. Looking for tips on buying and preserving your running shoes? It's in there. From a complete look at running injuries to the benefits of sports drinks vs. water to the best way to increase your endurance and train for a marathon, look no further than Runner's World Complete Book of Running. Contents include:

- A sure-fire plan for beginners to get "hooked" on running
- 15 surprising foods to boost your running performance
- Tips for triathletes to maximize your training efficiency
- 11 rules to run a great marathon
- A woman's encyclopedia of running
- How to incorporate speedwork into your training
- How to think like a champion
- How to taper your eating, and your training, before a race

Whether you are a beginner or veteran runner, here is the advice--both timeless and cutting-edge--guaranteed to maximize your performance and your running pleasure.

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    Runner's World Complete Book of Running Reviews

  • Patrice Sartor

    3.5 stars.Like other reviewers have noted, this is a compilation of specific articles from Runner's World magazine. I poked around briefly on their web site to see if I could find the exact articles, ...

  • George Slade

    After reading this I tried a couple of tips and went from not being able to run over 2 minutes straight to jogging 50 minutes on a treadmill and nearly an entire street mile without stopping. I'm a no...

  • Marc

    Rather strongly focused on avid runners, especially for marathon preparation. Missing: warming up and stretching exercises....

  • William Schram

    As the title suggests, this book is your go-to guide for running information from 2004 or so. Not that many things have changed in running since then, or at least I assume so. There are a few things I...

  • TalviLinna

    A very useful book (which possibly saved my Achilles tendons!) BUT some of the info may be out of date. When one of the articles said to carry change in case you need to use a pay phone (!) I checked ...

  • Doug

    This was good like Runner's World is good. It's a loose collection about articles that garnered the most interest after being published in Runner's World over the years. That said, there is advice in ...

  • Vinay Talekar

    I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes to run. It has valuable information for beginners and intermediate runners. Advanced runners might find it very basic, but it can be a refresher course...

  • Maeby215

    Oh, the amazon reviews were bad! But I really liked this book. It's not 5 star material, but for sure earns a solid 4 star rating. This is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a book that would ju...

  • Christopher Beaulieu

    A disaster of a book. Most information seems at least 20 years out of date. The nutrition seemed more speculative than scientific. Very little actionable information presented. Anecdotes about Oprah r...

  • Glen

    The book is dated and some of the material in it was no longer current. But that being said, there is still a great deal of tried and true material in it. And even the stuff that wasn't useful is now ...